About Us

Richard Wilson

The visionary behind the movement, Richard is the founder and artistic director of the festival. The vison for the festival came to Richard after a week long ayahuasca fueled spiritual retreat in the Pantanal. His spirit animal, the mighty Capybara, is his grounding, his mentor and his friend. Richard is also an Accountant and has some kids and a wife and stuff.

Morghan Wilson

Morghan is the executive director of the festival overseeing aspects of the planning and execution of the festival. Morghan’s love of solstice and family connections is what originally brought Morghan to the Solstice Fest team. Morghan when not engaging in Solstice Fest activities is a full time Education student at Trinity Western University in Langley BC. Morghan’s favourite activity at Solstice Fest is the frisbee golf and the food. This is Morghan’s first year as our Executive Director and we are excited to have her join our team.

Spencer Wilson

Spencer Wilson is the technology director for the festival overseeing the technical aspects of the Festival. Spencer has a Computer Systems diploma from BCIT and likes to pown noobs with the boys.

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